The history of the hotel Flattacher Hof


Already in 1903 the "Flattacherwirt" was bought by Josef Rieger (* 1875 † 1960), after his home in Tresdorf, municipality Rangersdorf, was completely burnt down. He acquired the small inn with agriculture from the family Granitzer and called it "Riegers Gasthaus".
The foundation walls of the house are already over 500 years old. The basement with its stone walls is still preserved today. At the beginning of the twentieth century, one of these rooms was used as a community hall.
At that time there was a "Rauchkuchl" with an open fire place, a wood stove, an oven and a smoking chamber. This kitchen was then called "black kitchen." The kitchen was only rebuilt and modernized in 1960.
On the first floor was the "Gemeindestube", where the commune secretary worked a few hours a week. On the north side there was a small mixed goods trade, which offered everything that was needed for daily life.
In 1937 the oldest son Franz Rieger (* 1899 † 1978) took over the inn with his wife Juliane (* 1912 † 2012) and they renamed it "Flattacherwirt". It was followed by heavy war years and occupation by English soldiers. After this bad time, the construction was slow.
As the people longed for festivals and peaceful gatherings, and the life of the society was reactivated, the Rieger family built an annex with a bowling alley, created their own rooms for the post office and a dance hall. Through this hall it was possible to hold balls, New Year's Eve, weddings and churching. Thus, the Rieger family also had additional income during the winter season, which was very important for survival.
With the completion of the Mölltalbundesstrasse in 1958 and its merger with the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße, the Mölltal also opened the doors for tourism. This was the first, simple guest room. There was only one washing table with a washbowl in the rooms. The only toilet was in the hallway and was used by the visitors of the inn, the family and the guests. The guests were completely satisfied.
In 1972 his son, Franz Rieger (* 1939 † 1989), took over the Flattacherwirt with his wife Sigrid. The two of them were faced with a difficult decision: the commercial authorities requested the closure of the plant, since it was no longer in accordance with safety and hygiene regulations. A change was in progress.
The inn got so in 1973 a highly modern kitchen. One year later the exterior façade as well as the entire windows and doors were renewed. From the small vegetable garden in front of the door a cozy restaurant with seating and small terrace. Also the toilets and the sewage system were renewed. The post office also got its own small house during this conversion. The first comfort rooms with shower and WC, balcony and TV were installed.
In the autumn of 1987, the road to the Mölltaler Glacier was opened. This was the birth of the "year-round glacier Mölltal Glacier". This was also an impetus for investments in the valley. The same was true of the "Flattacherwirt". In the middle of the planning, in the year 1989 died the head of the house, Franz Rieger. A hard time broke. The entire family had to take part in the operation. This summer, the first employees were hired. The existing agriculture also had to be supplied further. The meat and the own milk were themselves processed and used in the kitchen of the guest house for the preparation of the food. A new conversion was necessary. The two buildings, the post office and the inn, were to be assembled. After completing the conversion, which Sigrid Rieger had now to deal with alone, the "Flattacherwirt" was able to offer 21 guest rooms, a small reception desk, two different saunas and a small play room.
Due to the positive development on the Mölltaler Glacier and the opening of the tunnel railway, in 1998, the companies in the town again tried to expand their beds. In order to remain a flagship company in Flattach, the Flattacherwirt was again faced with new construction measures. The main house has been completely demolished on the foundation walls, the kitchen and the last built rooms and rebuilt again. Thus, 22 new rooms were created, so that now 28 rooms were available for rent.
In 2002/2003 there were new plans to expand the company. The stable building no longer suited the house and needs a renewal. This project was completed in record time. The conversion took only from summer to Christmas 2002. That was the birthdays of the Flattacher Hof, the small, fine **** hotel.