Our small and cozy wellness area invites you to relax.

We have four different kinds of sauna:


The steam sauna

Already the ancient Romans appreciated the hot steam and knew how to use it for beauty and health.

The steam sauna has a temperature of 45 degrees and there is a humidity of 100%. These two properties are very beneficial to the skin and also to the respiratory tract. Rheumatic complaints are also alleviated. In the case of sleep disturbances or tension of the muscles, a stay in the steam sauna helps.


The Finnish sauna

This is one of the most traditional forms of sweating.
With a temperature of 80-90 degrees and a humidity of 10% you strengthen your immune system. The metabolism is stimulated and slag substances are released. It is also beneficial for the skin. The circulation of the skin is improved and the top skin layer is cleaned.




The infrared sauna

Warm radiators ensure health and well-being.
The warm infrared rays have a positive effect on muscles, limbs and organs. The rays penetrate deep into the body up to 40mm deep and support an intensive healing sweat from the inside out. In addition, a stay in the infrared sauna is blood circulation and purifying.


The herbal sauna

A gentle but effective possibility of relaxation and regeneration.
With 50 degrees and a humidity of 50% you enjoy the interaction of warmth and moisture with natural herbal essences. The blood flow is stimulated and the skin is cleansed. Also for the airways the stay in the organic herbal sauna is very beneficial.
As a small cooling, you can then take a few rounds in our indoor pool and then relax in the cozy relaxation areas or on the sun terrace and recharge your batteries.