Active & relax at the national park "hohe Tauern"


All the guests, that are not just lazy in their holidays, are totaly right at the Hotel Flattacher Hof.

Aktive Moments in our mountains are garanteed.


Hiking at the National Park "hohe Tauern"

There are numerous hiking-tours in Flattach and in the sourrounding area. If you want, we can give you hiking-advices while you are here. Depending on the weather conditions. In summer you can prepare yourself a lunch-bag. You can take whatever you want from the breakfast buffet. So you have some snacks for your hiking-tours.

!! Always bring a jacket and warm clothes. In the mountains it can become cold, also in summer time. Hiking-shoes or at least good trainers are a must! !!


Some tour-examples you can find on our website >>


There is the possibility to book guided tours as well. 

More information you can find on her website: website of Sylvia >>



River Rafting on the Moell

The river that flows through Flattach is called Moell. This river also gives the valley it's name. 

We use the river for fun and action with the rafting-boat.


The rafting-tours start just 0,5 kilometers away from the Hotel. If you want, we reserve the guided tours for you. For more information, visit the website of our partners:  Outdoorzentrum Club Aktiv Mölltal. 


Rafting is fun for the whole family. Everyone who is looking for more action should try a rafting-tour at the Isel.

Spaß & Abenteuer für die ganze Familie bietet eine Raftingtour auf der Möll. Die Möll ist mit der Wildwasserstufe 3 ausgezeichnet. Wem das noch nicht genug 


Or what about a Canyoning-Tour?? 



Summer-Skiing at the Moelltaler Glacier

Who can't get enough of skiing - should definetly come to visit Flattach and the Moelltaler Glacier in summer time as well. In Flattach you can ski all year round. The glacier, with its pists up to more than 3.000 meter, has enough snow for summer-skiing.


Right now there are 3 slopes open for skiing. At these times a lot of professional skiers are here in Flattach and use these conditions for preparing for the next skiing-season.


More Information about weather, slope-conditions and prices you can find here >>



Biking and bike-tours in and around Flattach

Starting from our Flattacher Hof, you can find several biking-trails. 


No matter if you are planning a cozy family-tour or a sporty mountainbike-tour. Every biker will find the perfect tour for his conditions.


NEW: We have e-bikes to rent at the Flattacher Hof, so you don't even have to bring your bike. With the engine, no mountain is too high. You can reach every goal easily. 


The sportive ones just need to turn off the engine and they can use their muscle-power! ;)




As you see, a holiday in Flattach will not be boring. There are several things that make your holidays special! 

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us anytime and we will find the perfect holiday-package for you!